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Solar Street Light

A large amount of time and money is required to build a road safely. This cost will increase significantly once you add wiring to power your streetlights from the grid. We have the solution: off-the-grid street lighting. 

By investing in solar street lights with Sun-Lite Solar, you can cut all ties to the National Grid. Instead, you can generate, store and deliver your own renewable energy.

What’s more, if your solar panels produce excess energy on a particularly sunny day, this will be stored inside the batteries. If your system cannot gather energy from the sun on a cloudy day, it will rely on this stored energy.

In addition, solar-powered road lighting is immune to power cuts. The road will remain well-lit even if the primary grid fails. Your solar street lights will store energy internally and light up the road for travelers through every season. Become energy independent today with the HND group.

Garden Light

Large companies and homeowners alike enjoy the many benefits that only solar lighting can provide. Solar lights are ideal for areas that are off-the-grid, where energy is costly or if the company is looking to showcase their eco-friendly approach to energy. Installing solar lighting is considered one of the most cost effective projects to date as they do not require trenched grid power and the actual costs of installation are minimal.

There are many ways to take advantage of solar lighting solutions. Some are as small or simple as a singular LED bulb or a solar lantern, while others are more advanced needing a battery and integrated panel. These lights are generally employed to light driveways or even 150′ spaces with floodlights. Solar is the best option when power is not available in a location or too costly to install. Using solar lights also eliminates concerns around a power surge.