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Kollam, Kerala 690520
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HNT Group is a multi-project organization established in 2014. We are no one leading group in Kerala.We deliver saplings of oud produced by the AGARWOOD at a low-cost price anywhere in India. Here oud is one of the expensive spices. Which we provide as saplings. Not only Oud and Sandals we also provide Aquilaria Malacennsis, Aquilaria Crassena,white sandel, dwarf mango tree,dwarf coconut tree, dargon fruit etc also. After 10 years these saplings will become trees and  the woods will be highly valuable  and which cost more than 2 lakhs.  After 5 years we will be doing the inoculation process also. Dont need to use any other fetilizer other than cow doung.we promise you that we provide and deliver the best quality product,after years we will takeback the product that we deliver if you want to return.