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ON - Grid Project

On Grid/Grid Tie solar power projects are connected to the public electricity grid(KSEB) and do not require battery storage. Any solar power that we generate from an on-grid system during daytime (which is not used directly in your home) is exported onto the electricity grid(KSEB) and we can utilize the exported power during night.

Grid-tie solar systems are not able to function or generate electricity during a blackout power failure due to safety reasons; since blackouts usually occur when the electricity grid is damaged. If the solar inverter were still feeding electricity into a damaged grid it would risk the safety of the people repairing the fault/s in the network.

The major components of a grid-connected PV system include:

  • PV array
  • Inverter
  • Net Meters


  • Reduces Electricity Bill
  • Can Credit the electricity to KSEB when not in use
  • High Return of Investment (ROI)
  • Zero Reinvestment